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We know what good music is.

And despite being in a musical plateau, there were some highlights this year, including outstanding local releases like Lonely Avenue’s gorgeous self-titled release.

Others include Mopey Lonesome’s joyously lamentful “155,” If It Kills You’s debut vinyl EP, The Byrom Brothers’ groovy, bluesy “The Age of Music” and Dreadful Selfish Crime’s underrated self-titled album, which manages to evoke your favorite punk bands and country acts simultaneously.

This bounty of outstanding local releases shows that the groundwork laid over the last few years will see fruition in the years to come. Not just on stages, but in living rooms, backyards and in tour vans. Exactly like live music should be experienced: with vitality and immediacy.

BY CESAREO GARASA For The Californian Dec 27, 2016

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