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Bakersfield’s own Monty Byrom also dropped by to offer a heart-stopping rendition of “Hallelujah” — a tip of the hat to the recently departed Leonard Cohen. Ask anyone who was there, and they’ll tell you it brought down the house.

Aside from the wonderful music, the best part was made possible through the generosity of the patrons and sponsors of our series and, in particular, this show. Twenty-thousand dollars was raised to support the work of The Kern County Cancer Fund.

Indeed, it’s been a wonderful year for Guitar Masters @ Studio A. Our mission of delivering the world’s most gifted musicians in an intimate, listening room environment was met. And through the loyal support of our patrons, sponsors, and season ticket holders, we’ll continue with Season 6 come January. Visit and see what surprises we’ve got in store.

By RICK KREISER For The Californian Dec 28, 2016

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