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The event, sponsored by Dewar’s, Andco Plumbing and the Terri Jamieson family, will be held in the grass by the gazebo, but guests are, of course, encouraged to check out that old tower they are there to support.

Tickets include a dinner of barbecue chicken and tri-tip, potato salad and greens, which will be provided by Ms. Pat’s Mobile Kitchen. A special blue hurricane drink provided by Los Molcajetes will be sold in a mug that says “Driller Pride.” There will also be live music by the Byrom Brothers. Hooper will bring some historical and memorabilia items for people to look at too. 

Anderson hopes the event will raise $10,000, half of which would go to the museum for the water tower and the other half to BHS band and theater programs and the Driller Service Academy. What’s earned from selling commemorative T-shirts and mugs will go to the foundation.

BY KELLY ARDIS Apr 19, 2017

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