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It would seem that blues-rock-country-soul musician Monty Byrom has a softer, violins-and-symphony-strings side to him, a side he is finally ready to share.

Anyone who attended December’s Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra holiday concert got a sneak peek at that side, as Byrom sang a few Christmas songs with the orchestra. That concert was apparently a successful enough launch for Byrom that he is ready to do two shows this weekend at the Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame with his own group, the Byrom Brothers, and an 11-piece string section recruited from the BSO.

“For any rock musician, this is a dream come true,” Byrom said.

The performer will tackle classics by others, such as the Beatles’ “Long and Winding Road,” and Elton John’ “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” — songs that have always incorporated strings — but the real opportunity for Byrom is a chance to do some of his own material with the miniature orchestra. “I Wanna Go Back” from his Billy Satellite/Eddie Money days, plus “Ease Me Down” from Big House, are perfect candidates but he also will include songs he has never been able to perform until now.

“They show the way I really write — I’m not just a rock and roll guy.”

Indeed, Byrom noted that his musical upbringing was much more in the classical mode.

“I was in band — I studied French horn, viola, all that kind of stuff,” Byrom said. “And then (Bakersfield High School band director) Wes Moore had me learn the sousaphone.”

Byrom said all that background and musical knowledge wasn’t necessary in the rock world, and some of the songs he wrote just didn’t fit in that genre.

By SUSAN SCAFFIDI For The Californian May 2, 2017

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