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More than 2,000 people turned out to honor Haggard last year, so hopes are high for Sunday’s reprise.

In addition to Ben and Noel Haggard, the mostly Bakersfield lineup has the ageless Tommy Hays, along with Kim McAbee, Drew Harness and Theresa Spanke, Monty Byrom & the Byrom Brothers, and many others.

I can personally vouch for the Haggard brothers’ opening act. The Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame enlisted me as a front-row judge — the audience got a good, long look at my bald spot in back — to help choose the Haggards’ warmup act. Our panel of four selected Josh Aigner of, wow, Bodfish, whose influences run the gamut from Led Zeppelin to traditional country. He’s good.

With any luck, the Boxcar Festival will pick up where 2015’s one-and-done 99 Music Fest left off. That collaboration of local sponsors, including TBC Media, brought in Texas Americana legends Ray Wylie Hubbard and James McMurtry, plus Byrom, Truxton Mile and others. Alas, the pieces just weren’t there for a sequel.

Here’s hoping the pieces are there for a third Boxcar Festival in 2019. This city needs an event that attracts statewide notice — something that is uniquely Bakersfield, something that speaks to an authentic aspect of our history and culture

BY ROBERT PRICE Apr 21, 2018

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