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Buck Owens was Buck Owens and nobody else was ever going to be Buck Owens. But after the country music legend died in 2006, the people running his legacy club, the Crystal Palace, needed someone capable of owning that stage the way Owens did.

Singer-songwriter Monty Byrom, who has been skirting wider fame his whole career, seemed like a good choice. Whether it was going to be a short-term gig or otherwise, Byrom had the necessary presence.

Almost 13 years later, Byrom has finally moved on. He headlined the Palace as frontman for the Buckaroos three years longer than Buck did himself, albeit somewhat less frequently.

“Thirteen years and time to move on,” Byron said this week. “I’m gong to miss those boys and (backing singer) Jennifer (Keel), that’s for sure. Finally, at the end, it just came down to … time to move on.”

Jerry Hufford of Buck Owens Productions confirmed that Byrom and the Crystal Palace have called things off.

Byrom said the parting was mutual: “It wasn’t any bad words or anything like that,” he said. “I love the Palace and the sound (quality) down there, and the people too, of course. Always will.”

He hopes the two parties can leave the door open.

“I’m not saying I’m never going to play there again,” he said, “but there are some other opportunities now. The Byrom Brothers are blowing up. We’re making records for some people right now.”

By ROBERT PRICE Jan 16, 2019

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