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On Tuesday, one musician after another, one fan after another, posted or commented on Facebook until the river of grief and sympathy and admiration seemed to have hit flood stage.

“John Hollins was a true son of Bakersfield. I was his biggest fan,” said veteran singer-songwriter Monty Byrom.

“There will never be another like John Hollins. I know he had a long, great run in life. I will not only miss his friendship and company, but also his trumpet playing. I am forever grateful for all the times I spent playing in his band,” wrote keyboard wizard Chris Neufeld.

“When you play with someone that much over the years, you can almost anticipate what will happen next. Saying goodbye to John when I moved away (to Idaho) was as tough as it gets,” wrote saxophonist Dennis Wilson, who teamed up with Hollins many times over the years.

“Our last recordings together,” he said, “are now forever on Monty Curtis Byrom’s record ‘The Byrom Brothers-The Age of Music.'”

. . .

“I was a fan my whole life, since I was 8,” remembered Byrom, who performed on stage as well as in recording studios with Hollins.

“I met him the same day I met Sonny California, at the Pierces’ house on Sunset (Avenue). He was always nice to me and my buddies. That goes a long way when you’re a kid.

“I’m so proud that we got him on our last record,” Byrom said. “He was humble and lovable right to the end.

“I must have said this a thousand times ‘Hey John did you bring your horn?’

“Now he can blow it with Gabriel because Bakersfield lost one of it’s best today.”

BY STEVEN MAYER Jun 25, 2019

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  1. “I Wanna Go Back” came way before Monty was in Ed’s band. The Money Man was always a kick to work with and Monty brought out the very best in him. He did say that Monty is his favorite songwriter and favorite singer…

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