Monty Byrom and The Byrom Brothers

Monty Byrom

Lead Vocals and Guitar

Monty Byrom is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist. Monty has been playing music as long as he can remember, mastering a dozen instruments by the age of 20. In 1975 he joined the United States Navy Band and received classical training. While stationed in San Francisco he began playing with various groups that ultimately became Billy Satellite. Monty eventually joined the band of Eddie Money where he wrote several hits. During his career he has played with Carlos Santana, lead the Backaroos, and featured on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He currently fronts Big House and The Byrom Brothers.

Tanner Byrom


Unlike his brother, Tanner Byrom is a percussion specialist. His famously bare-bones kits are often little more than a bass, snare, and hi-hat. Don’t let that simplicity fool you though. He has been making big noise with perfect time ever since getting his first pair of bongos at 3 years old. Tanner is a renowned session drummer who has worked with artists from around California such as Orphan John, Louie Merino, Sammy Eubanks, Sunshine Garcia, and Jerry Flowers. He currently plays in Big House and The Byrom Brothers.

Chris Neufeld

Keyboards and Background Vocals

Chris Neufeld grew up playing the piano at home and percussion in school bands. After graduating from Centennial High School in Bakersfield, he has made a name for himself as one of the premier live keyboardists in Central California. His influences range from the Beach Boys to ELO. Over the years he has played with The Byrom Brothers, Eddie Money, Bunky Spurling, Deedra Patrick, and Foster Campbell and Friends.

Gary Rink

Bass Guitar

Gary Rink is an exceptional bassist from Bakersfield, California. Highly respected in Central Cal music circles, Gary played in a number of bands before joining The Byrom Brothers. His other projects include Revelator, The WMDs, and The Blue Deacons. He draws a lot of inspiration from Steely Dan, and also studied Modern Culture, Film, and Media at Brown University.

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