The Band


monty-byromMonty Byrom has been making records since the early eighties. He has written for many other Artists including Beth Hart, Eddie Money, The Stray Cats, The Knack, David Lee Roth & many others. He’s been Producing music of all kinds his entire career but this new record is something he & his brother had to do to prove a point. We’ve always locked, our right hands are one. It was the easiest record I ever made!


tanner-byromTanner started playing percussion at 3 years old, with his dad playing guitar.  Tanner’s dad would turn to Tanner and say, How do you stay in time with me?  It amazed him. After Tanner quit riding motor cross at age 16 he began playing in bars with guys much older than him.  Tanner turned 21 playing well playing in a bar, he told the club owner he was 22, so he wouldn’t get in trouble. In 1995 Tanner joined big house with his brother Monty, and they got signed to MCA records and had a top 40 hit. Tanner and Monty have played together for over 30 years.  They have a connection rhythmically!


chris-neufeldAutistic since age 3, Chris has been playing keyboards since the age of 2. Chris is one of the most sought-after keyboardists in all of Kern County. Currently, Chris is the Keyboardist/Vocalist for The Byrom Brothers. Chris has also played with NeuTrick, 58 West, Foster Campbell and Friends, Monty Byrom and the Road Pilots, The John Hollins Band, Randy Emmett & The Bluetooth Cowboys, Deedra Patrick, The Swamp Kats & Eddie Money. Chris is currently playing in about 4-5 bands.


wil-andersonBassist Wil Anderson is a Native to the Central Coast of California, playing the Bass as his only focused instrument for over 30 years.
During this time he has recorded and shared the stage with several Artists such as JJ Thames and the Violet revolt, Monty Byrom, The Holla Point, Michael Leasure, Dave Miller Band, The Strata-Tones, Orphan Jon and The Abandoned, The Byrom Brothers and many more. Wil is also highly regarded as a “Right-hand player”…a Groove and Pocket specialist playing both upright and electric bass; with his primary focus on Blues, Country, Rock, R&B, Roots and Americana music. His style has been said to have touches of Leeland Sklar, Pino Paladino, and Willie J. Campbell.